About Us


Driven by a relentless pursuit to change the game, we are committed to groundbreaking innovation and product design. Our products are designed for you and your needs as an athlete to enable success on and off the playing field. It is in our DNA. It is rooted in our history. And it will forge our future.We sell of the best footballs, shoulder pads and helmets.We are a team of designers and engineers, players and parents, dreamers and doers. We care about athletes’ success in sport and life, and are uncompromising when it comes to our protective gear’s design, fit, feel and performance. Every helmet we make achieves top safety ratings, so every athlete takes the field with the confidence to play at their best.Our athlete-centric philosophy doesn’t stop at safety. We design for needs that transcend protection, pushing the boundaries of fit, feel, comfort, durability, performance and style. We stay ahead of the game with a tireless work ethic and nonstop drive to innovate for football’s fast-changing landscape.