Buy Riddell Youth Molded Victor-I Custom Football Helmet


  • Aggressive Shell with oversized vent holes, allowing more air circulation
  • Inflatable back/side bladder and jaw pads
  • Comfort overliner remains soft for enhanced feel throughout each game
  • High-Impact ABS Shell with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, exclusive to Riddell®
  • Oversized vent holes increased breathability
  • U.S. Patent #’s 6,934,971 and 7,240,376 and other’s pending
  • Meets NOCSAE® standards
  • Model: VICTOR I-M


Featuring fully customizable padding from the sides, jaw, and rear, the Riddell® Youth Molded Victor-I Custom Football Helmet ensures ideal fit and protection for your player every time they hit the field. Designed with an inflatable back and side bladder for unbeatable comfort, they’ll be able to make game-breaking plays without having to make adjustments during the pre-snap.


  • Interlock hands on top of helmet and press down – player should feel pressure on crown of their head, not their brow
  • Skin of the forehead should move with the front pad
  • Front of helmet should be about 1″ above the eyebrows
  • Jaw pads should feel firm against their face
  • There should be no room for twisting
  • If the helmet slides easily over the forehead, inflate liners or try a smaller helmet
  • To avoid injury or discomfort, never wear a helmet positioned too high or too low
  • Buckle top and bottom chin strap into snaps
  • Cup should be centered and snug over their chin
  • Adjust chin strap until cup is firmly pressed against their chin
  • When buckled, helmet should feel comfortable and snug
  • Inflation required
  • Helmet pump required to inflate pads inside the helmet (pump sold separately)


  1. admin

    Arrived earlier than expected. Can’t beat this price for a good quality helmet. I use this for football and i have gotten hit on the head and i was pretty good and its cheep and looks cool. Will purchase again!

  2. admin

    Bought this helmet for my son, he plays and this is by far the safest helmet and most comfortable helmet hes had.i would definitely recommend this helmet.

  3. admin

    We bought this for our sons football and we are very pleased with the product.helmet appears to be very sturdy and strong with excellent padding for the head. I did not notice this when I bought the helmet. I knew what size we needed so I just ordered. Overall, I am excited about my son using this helmet.

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