Buy Riddell Youth SpeedFlex Painted Custom Football Helmet


  • Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP™) minimizes force of side impacts to the mandible region
  • Flex System with hinge clips integrated throughout the shell, facemask and facemask attachment system reduces impact force
  • Composite Energy Management padding system helps absorb impact and allows the pads to retain their position and durability
  • Tru-Curve Liner System offers improved comfort and fit by conforming to a player’s head and the contours of the helmet’s shell
  • Occipital Lock inflatable liner cradles the occipital lobe upon impact to increase player safety
  • Non-removable Ratchet-Loc™ chin strap attachment system allows for easy adjustments in the heat of play


Let your young football star personalize his style and protection on the field with the Riddell® SpeedFlex Custom Helmet. Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP™) minimizes energy on impact to the mandible region, while the innovative Flex System throughout also helps reduce impact force to a player’s head. The SpeedFlex Youth Painted Football Helmet also features a stainless steel facemask and matte/metallic options.


  • A properly fitted helmet is an important first step in player protection
  • To determine head size, wrap a cloth measuring tape around the circumference of the player’s head
  • Measure approximately 1″ above the player’s eyebrows.
  • Record measurement and refer to chart below
  • If measurement falls between helmet sizes, choose the smaller size
  • Due to varying head sizes, the chart below is ONLY a recommendation
  • Buckle top and bottom chin strap into snaps
  • Cup should be centered and snug over their chin
  • Adjust chin strap until cup is firmly pressed against their chin
  • When buckled, helmet should feel comfortable and snug
  • Interlock hands on top of helmet and press down – player should feel pressure on crown of their head, not their brow
  • Skin of the forehead should move with the front pad
  • Front of helmet should be about 1″ above the eyebrows
  • Jaw pads should feel firm against their face
  • There should be no room for twisting
  • If the helmet slides easily over the forehead, inflate liners or try a smaller helmet
  • To avoid injury or discomfort, never wear a helmet positioned too high or too low


  1. admin

    My special needs son is going to be ecstatic. He’s wanted one for several years.
    Great quality helmet. Thank you for having a great product and for making my son’s Christmas and my wallet thanks you too.

  2. admin

    God Gave me this Helmet I feel like I’m on Sports Center every time I look at it. I got this Helmet as A Christmas Gift. It is one of the best gifts I got. This is Awesome!

  3. admin

    This helmet Rocks. I’ve always wanted one. I’m in always in the game when looking at this helmet. My Jesus Christ get the Glory for this helmet. This is the best. I will highly recommend this.

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