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He can break through the defense with total confidence and control carrying the Wilson® Traditional Football. This football features Wilson’s® exclusive 899 leather with deeper pebble and firmer texture that offers superior durability and consistent performance. Approved for play in all major youth leagues, this junior size football also features Grip Stripes™ with ACL™ laces for a better grip.



  • 899 full-grain leather construction offers great durability and feel
  • Grip Stripes™ with ACL™ laces for a better grip
  • Approved for play in all major youth leagues
  • Youth (Size 8): For ages 12 – 14
  • Check with your local league or organization before purchasing
  • Brand : Wilson
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • DSG Pro Tips


  1. admin

    I wanted to get a real good football for my 12 year old. He’s rugged, likes to play hard and loves the game. I bought the youth size, and it looks great. THAT BEING SAID, this is a great ball. Buy the Wilson leather conditioner to treat the ball. I also bought the tack spray, which makes ALL the difference. I treated the ball with conditioner first, let it dry, then hit it with tack spray. Leather is nicer in the long run but does require some care.

  2. admin

    This ball is fantastic. If you’re used to playing with a synthetic ball, it will take some time for your QB and receivers to adjust, but it’s worth the learning curve. It has a balanced weight, cuts through the air and performs superbly.

  3. admin

    This football arrived very quickly . it was of the highest quality and has lasted through multiple teenage boys. The packaging was great and easy to open . Great value and great product. I will be ordering another one this year for a game ball.

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